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Welcome to UCF Army of God

This organization and website are dedicated to educate and recruit those Christian's who want to serve in God's Army.   This is simply an area as stated in scripture that we need to come together as Christians and serve the Lord.

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What is the Army of God

The Army of God has been in existence since the beginning of God's relationship with man.  For thousands of years, men who love the Lord their God live their everyday life being a light to others who don't know Him.   Being in God's Army has no religious boundaries when it comes to Judaeo-Christian beliefs.  You know if you have been called to serve, you will also know if you are called to support this end time mission.

What is this website about

As we go about our daily lives, we run into problems, issues, and roadblocks that go against what God commands.   Being a part of the Army of God, this website helps to educate, train, and encourage you to be able to withstand those obstacles.   We are most concerned with ensuring that you are "plugged in" to what the Bible says about being a part of His army.  No matter what your religious affiliation.  To learn more about what we are about, please click on the "About" button above.

Do I have to pay any money to be a member

Absolutely not.  In fact, you can simply join our e-mail newsletter broadcast and become educated regarding past, present, and future prophesies and stories as defined in the bible and in the news.   Of course, at any time you can donate to help keep our efforts moving forward.   If you find what we do is valuable to you, then we encourage you to donate by clicking on the Join Us button above.

Please note: Those who desire to join in the army of the Lord and agree to a monthly contribution of a minimum of $12 per month gives them entry into the special training section on this website.

Thank you for your support!

Discover how to be strong through adversity!

Check out the video below from Kevin Zadai about his conversation with Jesus.  Kevin talks about how Christians can thrive during times of adversity.  This includes prosperity, peace, and moving forward versus running away.  Do you want to be a strong Christian or a weak one?  If you are wanting to be strong, at peace, and happy, this video is what you need right now.

Kevin Zadai Message to Christians!


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