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What the Army of the Lord is all about

The reason this web site was formed is in obedience to what I felt that the Lord was telling me (Lee Melby) to do. He said 15 years ago, that:


It was in February 2017 when in prayer the Lord spoke to my heart that it was now time for me to act. I attempted to say that I was too old, but the Lord said that is why I am calling on you now.

I continued to search the scriptures and listen to several teachers regarding the forming of an army of the Lord. It was clear that this forming was already in progress and that I was to simply have one Division of this army.

When you review this, it will be clear to you if you are to join this army or simply support the mission

What is our objective:

  1. Gather those who would like to commit to being a soldier in God’s army and willing to stand together with others in the army to take a stand against the enemy.
  2. Each soldier will have unique anointing’s and will be able to serve in power. The fact that they are part of a God anointed team will give them the confidence to go forward and act.
  3. There is much responsibility, but when you are part of a team that the Lord is putting together it provides you with an arm and arm capability.
  4. Training- there will be continued training for this Division and each will have available additional training to prepare them for the daily battle.
  5. The Lord desires to return to a victorious family of believers and the Army of the Lord can certainly clear the path.
  6. All of you know that the shaking is going on now, many will be seeking an answer to why is this happening. Each soldier in the Army will be able to respond, while they take a stand against the forces of darkness. They will be trained to be a light.
  7. Members of this army may attend many different church organizations; however, this assignment is a biblical assignment and will only serve to empower others who you know and are willing to join.
  8. When you are part of an army your fears are mitigated and knowledge of the Word will empower you to be able to perform great feats.
  9. Each soldier in the army will be required to supply a minimum monthly support of $12.00 via electronic funds transfer.
  10. No army can long survive without supply line support, this army will receive funding from those who desire to do so, and they will be self-supporting by all agreeing to do so monthly.
  11. There will be those who are willing to take a leadership responsibility as CAPTAINS, they will be called on to recruit a team of at least twelve members and will work closely with them to achieve unity of objective.
  12. The number 12 is very important as it represents the 12 tribes, The Lord came to bring the Good News of His Kingdom, and to find the lost sheep of Israel. The army will be made up of these lost sheep who have found salvation in a personal relationship with the Son of God. So please pray and decide if you would like to be part of this mission.

~The General, Lee Melby~

** Please watch this video below to learn more about why we are God's Army **


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